Carpe Diem … Pro Agnus Dei

Carpe Diem … Pro Agnus Dei

Revelation 5

Revelation was written as a message of encouragement and exhortation to the seven churches of Asia sometime between 92 AD and 96 AD. Peter and Paul had been crucified and Timothy murdered by this time. Domitian was the Emperor, and he was requiring that the subjects of Rome worship him as Lord and God. They were required to go to the temple and state, “Ceasar is Lord.”  Those who did not make this confession were punished and even killed. John had been arrested and exiled to the island of Patmos to work in the Roman quarries.

This pressure, along with the many benefits of living under Roman rule, caused the need to see things as they really are. Therefore, God gave John the “Revelation.”

  1. Carpe Diem
  2. Our days are numbered
  3. The Mystery Revealed
  4. He will reign? He reigns?
  5. Now



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