December 3: A Matter of Time

A Matter of Time

Mark 13:24-37



Lots of books have been written about “The Return of Jesus.” Everyone seems to have an opinion of what events need to transpire before Christ returns. But God’s concern is directed to what are we doing NOW which will assist us THEN. The Bible says, “That in the fullness of time, God sent his Son.” And in God’s time, God will do it again … and the Son, Jesus Christ will return. In the meantime, how will you choose to live each day?



In Mark 13, Jesus talks about “last things” and “end times.” He warned about events which would rearrange even the most stable fixtures of Jerusalem. But most importantly, Jesus calls his followers to be alert. His message then was, “Keep your eyes open and watch for what God is going do.” That’s the same message which Jesus brings to us today!



  1. Observations about the Future

#1 Future Shock vv1-2


#2 God’s Rhythm — from times of “darkness” — God’s new beginnings

v24-26, Gen 1:2, 15:5, Judges 21:25, Mat 4:15-16


  1. Preparations for the Future

#1 Be Wise v31, Ps 90:12, Jn 12:48, Josh 1:8-9, Ps 119:25


#2 Be Alert v37 (vv35-36)

Advent Challenge: Begin each day reading Romans 13:11 And do this understanding the present time. …The hour has already come for you to WAKE UP. Then, pray and ask the Lord to guide you through the day and keep you alert to the people and events which you encounter.



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