Don’t waste MY time!

JULY 29: Don’t waste MY time!
Luke 10:25-37

Luke was written to remind us “all that Jesus began to do and to teach.” (Acts 1:1 ) Luke’s work is “from the beginning” (comprehensive) “carefully” done (accurate); and “orderly” (organized in a formal literary manner) (Luke 1:2). Luke’s goal in writing is to convince Theophilus (and us) of the truth and certainty of the person and work of Jesus!

Jesus uses this well-known parable as a means to respond to the challenge of a religious lawyer, who wants to discredit Jesus’s use of the Law of God. The lawyer’s challenge gives Jesus the opportunity to emphasize the kind of life that pleases God. Eternal Life (All Time) is given to those who live according to the Law of God, the Law of love.

I. Time Savers.

II. Don’t Waste My Time

III. Use of Time

A. Priest and Levite

B. Samaritan

IV. Repent of time idolatry

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