Easter: The Road to Life

The Road to Life

Luke 24:13-35



All of us are travelers. Some of us like to travel, others of us tolerate travel. Some of us are anxious to get some place and others of us are ready to get away from some place. Whether you like it or not, you are on a journey. If you get to where you are going, will you be satisfied with where you are?



Jesus is dead! Two eyewitnesses of his crucifixion are on the road that leads from Jerusalem to Emmaus, a small village about 7 miles away. Their tone is somber, their walk is slow, and their footsteps are heavy with grief. As they travel, they are intersected by a man who changes the direction of their life.



  1. The Road of Grief … a “Gotta Get out of Here” experience vv13-16, vv19-21; Ps 42:3, 9-10
  2. The Road HOME

#1  Our Mind … engaged by Scripture vv25-27, Is 53:4-10, Rom 10:17, II Pet 1:16,20-21

#2  Our Eyes … opened by God  v31, I Cor 12:3; Eph 2:1-9

#3  Our Purpose … confirmed  vv33-35; II Cor 5:17; Jn 10:10

A change of life … a change of Direction!

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