New Year’s Eve: The ABCs of a New Year

The “ABCs” of a New Year

Jeremiah 29:4-14


Many of us excel in thinking about the future and fail miserably in living for today. We’re quick to complain about our circumstances and slow to act compassionately to change our circumstances! As you begin 2018, what actions does God want you to take today, right where you are, that will lead you into His hopeful future?


God’s people were not “happy campers.” They were in exile. They had been uprooted from their home and taken 700 miles away to Babylon. The only thing that they wanted was out! That’s not the message that God gave to them from Jeremiah. His words to them are “on target” for you and me.


  1. ACCEPT…where you are right now vv4-6, Ps 137:1-4

-Tendency to want the “easy way” out


– God’s “Waiting Room”  Ps 27:14


  1. BLOOM…where you are planted vv5-7

-Don’t let what you can’t do, keep you from doing what you need to do!


III. CALL upon the Lord…seek the Lord v12-13

-Biblical “call”  Gen.4:26, Ps.50:15, Jer 33:3


Questions to Ponder:  Whose voice will direct you this year? What actions do you need to take now in order to follow God’s plan for your life in the future?

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