November 19: Left Behind

Left Behind
I Chronicles 29:10-14

A “legacy” … everyone is creating one! The question is, “What kind of legacy do you want to leave?” And the follow-up question is, “What are you doing now which will lead to that legacy?” All of us have a desire to make the most of our life. We want our lives to be not only enjoyable but also purposeful. How??? The answer to that question begins with GOD!

David has reached the end of his life. I Chronicles 29 paints a picture of what David desires to “leave behind.” He wants to be a generous giver whose gifts are used to “do something beautiful for God.” In his advanced age, David is now wise enough to realize that all he has and all he does is a gift from God.

I. Last Words and Testimony
A. Honoring God above ALL v10, Josh 24:15

B. The Lord has done it ALL
God’s faithfulness to Israel (Jacob) v10, Gen 27-35

God’s greatness and goodness vv11-13, Deut 7:7-8

David’s response to all that God had done v14

II. Two Essential Questions
#1 How do you want your life to count? (What will be your legacy?)

#2 What are you willing to give? v14, II Cor 9:7

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