November 26: Because You Believe

Because You Believe …
I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Paul’s passion is to develop maturing disciples! Paul lovingly helps this congregation deal with the circumstances they face, while giving them indicators of what it means to be a mature faith-filled follower of Christ. Paul concludes his letter with succinct Final Thoughts that give tangible indicators
of a life marked by a strong connection to the Lord.

On Paul’s second missionary journey (probably in the year AD 50) Paul witnesses the birth of the church in Thessalonica, a town in Greece. Though Paul’s missionary team had been run out of town (Acts 17) they remained aware of the situation in this young church. So in AD 51 Paul writes a letter to help the church move through its current situation. In the letter Paul reports his continuous prayer on their behalf. He brings understanding (doctrine) to them regarding how the Lord Jesus is at work. And then exhorts them to live according to that understanding. These exhortations are his Final Thoughts.

Stand up if … You believe Jesus will return. 
Sam Gangee in Lord of the Rings, “Everything sad will become untrue … AND … it will somehow be greater for having once been broken and lost.”

Because we know God … Rejoice Always.

Because we know God … Pray without ceasing.

Because we know God … Give thanks in all circumstances.

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