Paul: A Model of Christian Leadership

July 1: Paul: A Model of Christian Leadership

Colossians 1:24-29



“Concerning their genre, the Pauline letters are just that — highly personal letters written either to members of his mission teams or to the mission churches he had planted; and as personal letters, they reflect the style of the man and his times and circumstances.”



Colossae was a town in the Lycus Valley in what today is Turkey. The congregation in Colossae was founded by a disciple of Paul, Epaphras.  This letter is personal and passionate while at the same time gives us some of the most profound insight into the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ. (Col. 1:15-20). Paul, though having never visited Colossae, feels a great burden for the congregation and does all he can to encourage and exhort this young congregation.

I. Thank God for Influencers

II. Paul’s goal as a servant/influencer!

A. To make the word of God fully known. (Col. 3:16)

B. To make the people of God fully mature

III.  Christ in you … the hope of glory

A. To live is Christ (Phil 1:21)

B. To die is gain/heaven

IV. Maturity Requires Warnings and Teachings (2 Timothy 3:16)

V. Fellowship in Christ’s Suffering and Toiling in God’s Power (Col. 2:12)


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