The Courage to Take a Stand

June 3: The Courage to Take a Stand

Daniel 1


It’s easy to take the “easy way” out! The only problem with that strategy is that sometimes the easy way is not the right way. How difficult it is to take a stand for a cause when most people are not willing to stand with you. It’s tempting to do what everyone else is doing and not only to follow the crowd but also to blend in with the crowd when we know that the destination is contrary to God’s desire.


Daniel had been ripped away from his home in Jerusalem. He had been forced into exile in Babylon. Because of his immense intelligence and education, Daniel was given the opportunity to be “assimilated” into the culture of Babylon and the ways of King Nebuchadnezzar. All that Daniel had to do was to be willing to live just like everyone else. But such a compromise ran counter to his convictions as a follower of the Lord. He took a stand!


I. Daniel’s Life in Babylon
A. Exile v1, Ps 137:1-5,

B. God’s hand in history 1:2, 1:9, 1:17 (Is 39:6-7)

C. Daniel’s “Stand” and refusal to take the “Easy Way” v8

The outcome  vv15-17, 20-21

II. When to Take a Stand

#1  Is it right?  Jn 17:17, Micah 6:8, Ps 106:3, Phil 4:8-9

(example of Joshua — Josh 24:15 & others)

#2  Is it necessary? (Is now the time?) Gal 4:4, Eccl 3:1 (2-8)

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