The Starting Point and The Finishing Place

June 24: The Starting Point and The Finishing Place

Matthew 16:13-19


Most of us in our memory bank have stored special places and special people that we associate with a marriage, a job, a first home, a school, or a significant accomplishment. These “first memories” are powerful reminders of experiences and people who shaped us. They are “grounding points” that keep us rooted in our past, faithful in our present, and hopeful in our future.



Jesus and his disciples have been busy! So, he takes them on a retreat. They go up a mountain with a vista of Caesarea Philippi and there the disciples are confronted with a crucial question from Jesus, “Who do you say that I am?” How they answer that question shapes their own identity and purpose in life. The same is true for you and me! 



#1  A. Identity vv13-16

*We discover who we are in light of who Jesus is!!!

B. Who is Jesus? Acts 2:36, 4:12, Phil 2:9-11, Col 1:15-20

C. Who am I? vv17-18


#2  Purpose  v18-19, Gen 12:1-3, Mat 28:18-20

*We are here to make a difference!!!

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