When Jesus Moves In

Palm Sunday: When Jesus Moves In

Matthew 21:1-14



Sometimes there is a huge “gap” between “expectations” and “reality.” Think about how you approached the golden age of “getting your driver’s license.”  For most of us, we thought, “Driving is a piece of cake … so easy. Anybody can do it, especially me!” But the reality of driving was filled with fears like: “Am I in the center of the lane? How do I enter this bustling interstate?” and countless other concerns. What does it mean for you and me to be a Christ Follower? If we were to trust Jesus Christ to “save us” then what challenges and changes would be involved?



Jesus comes to town! Matthew 21 is Jesus “Coming Out Party.” Up until now, Jesus has kept relatively silent about his Lordship … the fact that he is the Messiah. But that’s over, now he enters Jerusalem humbly riding on a donkey.  However, he also comes as the King of Kings to liberate his people. They cry out, “Hosanna,” which means “save us … now.” Jesus will do exactly that, but the reality of his salvation is different than their expectation.



  1. The “Coming-Out Party” for the Savior vv1-11
  2. ADJUSTMENTS — Adventures in Missing the Point

#1 Adjust your understanding of Lordship (leadership) vv2,5,
Mk 10:42-45

#2 Adjust your understanding of Salvation  Is 53:5-6, II Cor 5:21

#3 Adjust your expectations of Life with Jesus  Gal 2:20, Ps 34:17-20,      II Cor 11:24-28

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