When Religion Falls Flat

March 4: When Religion Falls Flat

John 3:1-17



Religion can be defined as our attempt to earn a relationship with God.  Christianity can be defined as God’s gift of a relationship with us through Jesus Christ. One approach may keep you busy but it will never achieve what you desire. The other approach is life-giving but demands that we take our eyes off ourselves and fix our eyes upon Jesus.



Nicodemus is a good guy! He’s extremely religious. He is a student of the Scriptures. He is a leader amongst his peers. Yet for all the wonderful qualities which Nicodemus has, he is seeking something more. In some strange way, he senses that “something” is really “someone” and that “someone” is Jesus.



  1. The Man who had it ALL and ALL wasn’t Enough v1-2
  2. Experiencing God

#1  Experiencing God begins with God creating life in you  v6,
Ezek 37:1-14; 36:25-27

#2  You need GOD (and so do I)

Our need vv13-15, Numbers 21:4-9

God’s gift  vv16-17, Rom 8:1-3

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