Worship Ministry Unit

Purpose: We believe that we are created by God to worship Him and that glorifying God is the ultimate reason for our existence (John 4:23,24).

Elders: Bruce Hubbs, Ryon Watkins

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Flowers: If you would like to place Memorial Flowers in the sanctuary, please contact Genia Tyson or Melba Whitesides.
  • Prayer Chain
  • Prayer Garden
  • Prayer Events
  • Prayer Vigils
  • Communion: We hold communion several times a year.
  • Decorations: During special times of the year, such as Easter and Christmas, the sanctuary is decorated.
  • Worship Music: Join our Chancel Choir or Praise Team
  • Reformation Sunday: Every Fall we celebrate our Scottish Heritage with this Special Service.

Evangelism Ministry Unit

Purpose: We believe that God has called believers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19,20).

Elders: Carolyn Holland, Janet Brand

Opportunities for Service

  • Missions
  • Gift Bag Hospitality
  • Welcome Centers
  • Campus Ministries
  • Home Visits

Discipleship Ministry Unit

Purpose: We believe that all Christians are called to pursue a growing personal relationship with Christ and to become more Christ-like in their beliefs and conduct (Ephesians 4:13).

Chairman: Alva Whitehead

Elders:  Bill Refvem, Susan Snow

Opportunities for Service

  • Living Letters Ministry
  • Presbyterian Women: Advisor Officer Friendship Circles Moderator Co-Moderator Personal Faith & Family Life Outreach Compassion Memorial Flowers Circles Coordinating Directory Moderator Mentor New Member Mentor Secretary
  • Women’s Prayer Group

Fellowship Ministry Unit

Purpose: We believe that God instructs Christians to cultivate loving relationships as a covenant community of believers (Romans 12:10).

Chairman: Betsy Olsen

Elders: Jayne Boswell

Opportunities for Service

  • Basketball: Our children and youth participate in a church league sponsored by Ebenezer Baptist. Coaches are volunteers.
  • Membership Roll
  • Scouting: Boy Scouts and Girl Scout Troops meet regularly throughout the school year.
  • Volleyball: Every Sunday afternoon a group meets for volleyball in the CLC.
  • Keenagers: The first Tuesday of every month, our retired members meet for lunch and fellowship in the Fellowship Hall.
  • Sunday Hospitality
  • Wednesday Night Suppers

Service Ministry Unit

Purpose: We believe that God cares about the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of every person and that all Christians are called to minister to others (Ephesians 2:10).

Elders: John Hofler, Billy McBride, Bryon Frost

Opportunities for Service

  • Cooking Ministry
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • House of Hope
  • Manna House
  • Mercy Medicine
  • Thornwell Home for Children

Enabling Ministry Unit

Chairman: Shannon Watt

Elders: Dudley Saleeby, Jim Dameron

Opportunities for Service

  • Marketing

Ministry Unit Forms:

Ministry Information Form (Word Doc)

Action Plan Worksheet (Excel File)

Progress Report (Word Doc)