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Life is Fragile

On Oct. 7, Sunday’s morning sermon, Life is Fragile, from Rev. Chris Handley was a little different than the usual in light of last week’s events. Guest speakers include Billy Graham Rapid Response team chaplain Jeff Naber and Elder Susan Snow.

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Perspective is Everything

Perspective is Everything Ephesians 1:3-14   THE CONTEXT Paul wrote Ephesians while in prison, and therefore, had time to reflect and add theological/doctrinal detail. It makes one realize that God works his purposes in our lives through the good times and through the difficulties. Prison gave Paul the time he needed to give us a […]

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Make the most of the TIME

Ephesians 5 CONTEXT Ephesians was a cyclical letter that was to be sent to many churches in the area around Ephesus (southern Turkey). Paul wrote while in prison and therefore had time to add theological/doctrinal detail. The first half of the letter emphasizes the status of believers as “saved by grace not by works.” And […]

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The Gospel

August 12, 2018: Guest preacher Rev. James Braswell’s sermon, “The Gospel,” from Romans 5:1-11.

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Carpe Diem … Pro Agnus Dei

Carpe Diem … Pro Agnus Dei Revelation 5 Revelation was written as a message of encouragement and exhortation to the seven churches of Asia sometime between 92 AD and 96 AD. Peter and Paul had been crucified and Timothy murdered by this time. Domitian was the Emperor, and he was requiring that the subjects of […]

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