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Describe your primary responsibilities at First: It’s my joy to work closely with staff, deacons, and elders creating a community that is growing and stretching for Him. I work with deacons to help them care for their “flocks.”  I give leadership support to several sets of elders as they develop strategies for worship, discipleship, fellowship, and service. I have the joy of leading the Discovery Sunday school class weekly. It’s my privilege to share life with a community group as we live into what it means to be an extended family on mission. Finally, I work with a group from around the city to coordinate the movement called Helping Florence Flourish.

What are your favorite books? “Seeking God’s Face” is my favorite devotional. I use it daily. I have read Darrel Johnson’s “Discipleship on the Edge” again recently. It’s very helpful. I appreciate everything Tim Keller writes and have reread portions of his book “Walking with God through Pain and Suffering.” I have been greatly helped in thinking about discipleship by Mike Breen, especially his “Building a Discipling Culture.”

What is your favorite thing to do in Florence? Canoe down Jeffries Creek or Lynches River.

Tell us about your family: Dottie and I have been married for 33 years. We started life together in Richmond, Va., and during those years had three sons (Will, Stephen, and David). They are all grown. Will is married to Courtney, and they have one son, Rowan, and live in Richmond. Stephen is in grad school in Richmond, as well.  David lives in Atlanta working in property management.

Tell us about your hobbies: I like to cycle and work out. Canoeing is a joy. I join my bride in the yard to garden. And I like playing the guitar.

Why are you excited to be a part of First Pres? I am excited for First as we continue to develop a strategy to raise up missionaries to reach Florence. Join the conversation as we seek to connect everyone to the vision for communities on mission.