Columbarium and Memory Garden

First Presbyterian Church Columbarium

and Memory Garden

The installation of First Presbyterian Church columbarium in September 2020 marked the culmination of a vision dating back to 1994. First Presbyterian Church is pleased to offer this option for our covenant partners as part of their end-of-life planning. Pre-need planning offers peace of mind and minimizes stress on loved ones during what is often a very difficult time.

Located adjacent to the church sanctuary, the Columbarium Memory Garden provides a quiet landscaped setting for loved ones to reflect and pray.

Current or former members of the church, their spouses, children and parents, as well as current of former ordained ministers who have served
First Presbyterian Church, are eligible to use the Columbarium Memory Garden. The Session has final authority on approval of applications.

The Columbarium Memory Garden and its perpetual care are self-sustaining through niche reservations and memorials.


Please contact the Church Administrator to obtain additional information relating to the reservations and pricing of a niche or the engraving of a name on the In Memoriam wall, 843-662-2583 or email .

In Memoriam

The Columbarium is designed for the permanent placement of cremains (ashes) of eligible individuals.
In addition to the niches, the Columbarium features an In Memoriam wall for the engraving of the names of eligible individuals.
This is a fitting way to memorialize loved ones who are laid to rest elsewhere.

We had really been together 63 years. … When the Columbarium came up, I thought if God can speak a world into being, He’s not going to have a problem putting ashes back together. And it was either dust or ashes, and I thought how wonderful that would be to have (a reminder of) him at the church where I worship. It’s been a great comfort, too, as I go into worship I glance and see (his niche). It’s been a blessing. I’d do it all over again.

Barbara Meeks, Covenant Partner

George Beshere gave me a pamphlet on the Columbarium and I said, “Let me take it to (my husband) Thom to see what he has to say.”  Thom said, “I think that’s a good idea. I know how close you are to the church.”

For what you get, First Presbyterian Church really offers a lot for your money.

It was fortunate Thom got to know this. It was a meaningful, private ceremony. I’m just so satisfied.

I think if anybody who is thinking of cremation, then they certain ought to come here and buy one of these niches. Everything’s taken care of.

Sandra Anderson, Covenant Partner