Many from First Presbyterian serve as volunteers in these ministries both as board members and laborers. Weekly volunteers from First Presbyterian are making a difference as they provide medical care, food service, and spiritual guidance in these local ministries.

A Choice to Make
Providing abortion clinic alternative services for those in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina. A Choice to Make, the only independent pregnancy resource center in the Florence area, started in 2009 from the tremendous need to help women and men in crisis in the Pee Dee.  A Choice to Make offers non-condemning, non-judgmental counsel by showing God’s love and forgiveness to everyone involved with the pregnancy.

Christian Learning Centers of Florence County
The Christian Learning Center of Florence County is a release time program for the public schools in Florence County.  Release time is a time set aside during the school day when students may leave the school property to attend Bible classes off campus. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for public school students in Florence County to understand biblical principles and apply them to their lives, family, and community.

East Florence Mission and PEK Foundation
The PEK Foundation and East Florence Mission was started by Frank and Peggy Key to meet the needs of children in the neighborhoods of East Florence. The primary goal is to introduce children to the Gospel by forming relationships through fellowship. The number of participants became so large that we began meeting at First Presbyterian Church, then at Trinity Presbyterian Church for a short time. In May 1987, they moved into its present building at 320 National Cemetery Road. The building consist of a large multi-purpose room with a concrete floor. It is used for basketball and other games, as well as for meetings and eating. There are six classrooms, a kitchen, office, library, and bathrooms. Outside is a large playing field and playground equipment.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes
FCA is the largest interdenominational, school-based, Christian sports ministry in America reaching over 1.5 million people annually. It provides a positive peer group as an alternative to the negative pressures so prevalent in schools today.

Helping Florence Flourish
Working Toward A Visible Demonstration Of The Unity of the Body Of Christ to Bless Florence. They surveyed area community and religious leaders in Florence and have identified four focus areas to work on in our community: Education, Homelessness, Deterioration of the Family, Racial Division. Through the willing coordination of local non-profit organizations, Florence churches, and volunteers, HFF seeks to make visible, positive changes in those four critical areas.

House of Hope
House of Hope believes “no man, woman or child should have to go without food or a safe place to sleep.” The Christ-centered community, which includes House of Hope For Women and their Children, House of Hope For Men, and the House of Hope Mission Mart,  is dedicated to meeting emergency needs daily by offering food, counseling, and housing. It offers long-term help through structured programs that focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management, and recovery from substance abuse. The goal of the nonprofit is to move all people into permanent housing, employment, and relationship with God.

iHope Christian Care & Counseling Inc.
The Christian nonprofit has a counseling center in the heart of Florence. iHope seeks to be a trusted resource for pastors in the community, to expand the reach of Christ-centered counseling in the Pee Dee and to keep counseling affordable in the Pee Dee area.

Jobs for Life
Jobs for Life works with Helping Florence Flourish in the area of Restoration of the Family as a Community Outreach Partner for Jobs for Life and other Workforce Programs that help to eliminate barriers to employment. Jobs for Life also works with SC Works Pee Dee as a faith-based partner.

Just for Women
Just for Women provides women in the Florence and Darlington areas with hearing and studying the truth of God’s word in hopes to apply it to life.

Lighthouse Ministries
Lighthouse Ministries’ purpose is to be good stewards of the monies entrusted to it by its founding churches and the donations made by members of the private and public sector. In being good stewards, Lighthouse Ministries shall address, educate, coordinate and provide assistance, both financial and otherwise, to members of the general public in Florence County based on internally created screening processes.  Lighthouse Ministries’ mission is to help Florence area churches organize and administer community resources, reaching out in cooperative fellowship, providing for the relief of emergency physical needs, and in doing so, ministering to the spiritual needs of God’s children.

Manna House
Manna House is a faith-based organization that services the Florence community as a place where the disabled, underprivileged, elderly, homeless, and struggling families can come to receive a healthy hot meal or enough groceries to carry them to the next month. Its mission goes beyond the physical; they are there to feed the soul. Manna House believes that many people are just one day away from being unemployed or homeless and one meal away from being hungry.

Mercy Medicine
This free medical and dental clinic provides needed health care services for the low-income, uninsured adults from Florence and Williamsburg counties using Judeo-Christian principles of love, integrity, and compassion.

My Brother’s Keeper
The Mission of My Brother’s Keeper is to provide the basic needs for men, women, and children within the Florence community who are homeless or who find themselves facing financial need.

Naomi Project
The mission of the Naomi Project is to change the lives of families experiencing domestic abuse after making the choice not to return to their abusers. It was established in 2006 as a year-long transitional facility to address the devastation of domestic abuse that contributes to the deterioration of the social fabric in families living in the Pee Dee area. Naomi Project exists to change the lives of women and their children. It provides shelter, clothing, resources and support to help the client become a fully independent, contributing member of the community.

Parking Lot Mission
The Parking Lot Mission includes a weekly devotional followed by a hot breakfast provided by families, individuals, and local churches. Additionally, individuals and groups distribute food, personal items, household goods, and clothing. Through weekly contact and fellowship, we are able to develop relationships with the participants and identify other life needs, including housing, employment, health, and spiritual, and to facilitate meeting those needs in the best manner possible. The Parking Lot Mission devotional begins on Saturdays at 7 a.m. and breakfast begins at 8 a.m. in the rear parking lot of HopeHealth in Florence.

Presbyterian Community
A Florence retirement community. “We Are A Compassionate Christian Ministry Dedicated To Enriching The Quality Of Life For Seniors Of All Faiths.”

Resurrection Restoration Center for the Homeless
Resurrection Restoration Center for the Homeless (RRCH) is a nonprofit 501c3 transitional housing program. RRCH is well-known in the community for our willingness to work with participants in helping them obtain the highest level of independence and full integration into the community.

Seminary Scholarship
Financial support for seminary expenses for staff.

Tenacious Grace
Tenacious Grace is one part traditional women’s ministry and one part jail ministry. Tenacious Grace is committed to engaging hurting women from all walks of life with the message of truth, strength, and hope in Jesus. It creates resources and hosts events to encourage and challenge women. Behind bars, Tenacious Grace builds relationships, supplies resources and teaching, and helps meet physical needs. Once released, the relationship continues to support the transition and demonstrate Jesus’ care.

Thornwell Home
This is a Presbyterian ministry that seeks to provide a home for orphaned and neglected children.