God’s Graffiti

May 27, 2018: God’s Graffiti

Daniel 5


Imagine that you get a note today that says (and there is TV commercial that shows this happening), TODAY YOU WILL HAVE A HEART ATTACK!  How would you respond to that shocking message? No one knows what a day will bring … not even if you are a king or queen for the day. ONLY GOD KNOWS … AND CONTROLS.


Belshazzar is “king for the day.” Actually, he is the king’s son and because his father is elsewhere, Belshazzar is appointed to lead. He throws a party! In the midst of wine flowing, a heart-stopping event occurs. A hand writes a message on the wall that only a man of God, Daniel, can decipher. His message is a wake-up call for an individual and a nation.



I. God Crashes the Party

  1. The “shock” vv1-6

Understanding the “handwriting on the wall”  v17, 28-31


II. Deeper Truths

(Your days are numbered!   Ps 90:1-6,12)

#1  God is Sovereign  v18-19, Is 45:5-7; 43:11-13; 42:5-8

#2  The need to HUMBLE ourselves under God  v20, 22, II Chron 7:14

The need to turn to God … NOW!

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