Editor’s Note: The Tabernacle Experience (East Coast) currently is under repairs and unavailable until late fall 2023.

Bringing a Glimpse of Israel’s History to Your Church

Just as the original Tabernacle moved from town to town in the days of the Old Testament, our interactive life-sized replica travels to areas east of the Mississippi River impacting communities by drawing people right into the Bible so that participants sense both the holiness and grace of God. An individual touring the Tabernacle will learn the significance of the Tabernacle to Israel during the Exodus, and also how “this place of God’s presence” foreshadowed Jesus, the Christ, who came and “tabernacled among us.” Understanding the Tabernacle in all its richness enhances the faith of those today who want to see how God has worked through the ages to reveal his plan of redemption through his Son and our messiah, Jesus the Christ.


Christian Life Conference, Montreat, North Carolina

The Experience

One step inside the Courtyard translates you into Old Testament times and brings you face to face with a life-sized replica of the Tabernacle of Moses. A privately narrated tour through the seven interactive stations draws you further into the exhibit. As you journey through the stations of this exhibit, the person of JESUS CHRIST is revealed in every aspect of the Old Testament Tabernacle. The Experience is formative as well as informative. It is simple, yet utterly profound. You will leave with a clearer understanding of Biblical history, worship, atonement of sin, and with a powerful message about the HOLINESS and the GRACE of GOD given to us through the death and resurrection of JESUS. Our hope for you is that, as you journey through GOD’s house, you would be ushered out of the ordinary and into His extraordinary presence. This is The Tabernacle Experience!


“We stumbled upon The Tabernacle Experience while visiting Montreat College, and it was truly the highlight of our trip! Every beleiver needs to encounter Old Testament History in this way, and to be reminded of the holiness of God, and of our need for Christ. This interactive tour is amazing and very well done!”

“The Tabernacle Experience was a lifetime experience that I will always be grateful for and never forget! It is certainly a God thing! Thank you so much for being faithful to His call.” “Deeply insightful and moving.”

“Thank you, my worship experience will always reflect the fact that the veil was torn and God welcomes us into His presence every minute of every day. Our Jesus, the Lamb – how precious He is!” “Awesome! Thanks for bringing the OT to life. Very moving.” “What a wonderful and moving experience. It truly blessed me.”

“A great reminder of the tremendous power of God’s love towards us and a great opportunity to meditate upon it.”

“A moving and educational experience! Praise God!”

“Thank you! The Scripture passages at each station really helped connect the Old Testament with the New Testament and the Gospel of grace through Christ.”

“Such a thrill – to feel the very presence of God in the midst of our world of confusion! Thank you!”

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The Tabernacle Experience (East Coast) currently is under repairs and unavailable until late fall 2023.
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