January 7: Shape Up!

Shape Up!

Ephesians 4:1-17



Ephesians is a letter written to the Church, not to any one congregation. It serves as the constitution of the church.

In the first three chapters of the letter you find the theological moorings for life with God. Ephesians 2:8 has the famous quote: “We are saved by grace not by works.” At the end of Ephesians 3, Paul prays that the Church might attain the knowledge of God in Jesus Christ and grow up into being the fullness of Christ in this world.

Chapter 4 is where Paul lays out how to live consistently with who God is and what he has done in Jesus. In Chapter 4, there are three movements within the verses:

1) Verses 1-6 are about unity.

2) Verses 7-11 are about diversity.

3) Verses 12-16 are about maturity.


I.   Getting into Shape.

II.  Difficulties.

III. Goal is to develop the Character of Christ and the Competency of Christ.

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