The Man Who Missed Easter

April 8: The Man Who Missed Easter

John 20:19-31



“I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.” That’s a common comment to an uncommon “happening.” A family member’s wedding, a graduation, a retirement dinner, a baptism … the list is long but the sense of needing to be present prevails.
But what would you put on the top of your list for “things I wouldn’t want to miss?”  Wouldn’t it be having your faith become sight and your hope in Jesus Christ being engulfed by seeing Jesus Christ?



Jesus appeared to a small group of his followers on that first Easter evening.  Understandably, they were overjoyed. Thomas, one of the disciples, was not present.  When he heard their reports, he needed more evidence. So, Jesus met Thomas where he was! Thomas responded with one of the most powerful, insightful views of the real Jesus, “My Lord and my God.”



  1. The Person … a Quick Look at Thomas
    1. A Realist who lived by “Just give me the facts” Jn 11:16, 14:5
    2. Absent on the first Easter vv19-20
  2. The Path of Faith…for Thomas

#1  Thomas was WELCOME by the community of believers vv24-26

#2  INVESTIGATION…Jesus moves toward Thomas vv26-27




3. The Life of Faith…for you and me

A step of faith v29

An informed faith vv30-31, Rom 10:17, II Tim 3:16, II Pet 1:16-21

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