The Power of Love

May 13: The Power of Love
Ruth 1:16-18


One of the most underutilized and yet, plentiful and powerful resources in our life is LOVE. Love is a medicine that can bring healing to broken hearts. This love is personal. It’s rooted in God. This love is powerful. When people have given up on life, the love of God never gives up on them.


The book of Ruth could open with the description, “It was the worst of times …”  The nation of the Hebrews was strangled by a paralyzing drought. As a result,
a family of four left the town of Bethlehem to go to a foreign country, Moab. They were hoping for a better future. They received tragedy … the husband and the two sons died. The wife, Naomi, was left alone, and she was bitter.


I. When Life Gets Messy

A. Unexpected deaths vv3-5
B. Loss and bitterness vv20-21

II. The Movements of Love

#1  I will be with you   Heb 13:5, Mat 28:20
#2  I accept you where you are  Mat 11:28-30

A Final Word — The origins of love  v16,  I Jn 4:7-11

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