When Temptation Knocks at Your Door

When Temptation Knocks at Your Door
Luke 4:1-13

Temptation is a fact of life! No matter how old or young we are, all of us are susceptible to temptation. As one person said, “I can resist anything … except temptation!” The Good News is that we can resist temptation … but we cannot resist it in our power and by our own strategies.

Jesus has just been baptized and heard the affirmation of God the Father,
“This is my beloved Son.” (Lk 3:23) Now the Spirit of God leads Jesus into the wilderness. After 40 days of not eating and subject to isolation, a lonely, tired, hungry Jesus is vulnerable to temptation … and a Fall!

I. Three Temptations with Deadly Potential
#1 Point of Weakness (Lust of the Eyes) vv1-3, Deut 8:3

#2 Point of Desire (Lust of the Flesh) v5-8

#3 Point of Making a Name for Yourself (Pride of Life) vv10-11

II. Dealing with Temptations that can bring us down
#1 Get real … temptation is a part of life I Cor 10:12

#2 Put on your “Thinkin’ Cap” Prov 23:7, II Tim 3:16,
Ps 119:9,11

#3 Hang close to Jesus Ps 91:1-3, Heb 4:14-16

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