(May 19, 2020)
Jonah 4:11 And should not I pity Nineveh, that great city, in which there are more than 120,000 persons who do not know their right hand from their left, and also much cattle?” 

Some of you have remarked to me how much can be gleaned in even a small Book like Jonah. Truly, it is hard to exhaust God’s Word because the Living God still speaks through it.

* * *

One theological question I have been repeatedly asked, with dearly loved pets in mind, is this: Is there a Cat Heaven? [Disclaimer: you have to read the whole devotion for it to make sense.] So, is there such a thing in the Bible as Cat Heaven? No. But hang on for a moment – I am not saying that because I am a dog lover.

Now think about this: if there were such a thing as a Cat Heaven, wouldn’t that be sad? That is, if your cat was in “cat heaven” you would never see it again — because you are not a cat. You would be separated. I don’t see the scriptures talk about multiple heavens in this way. There are scriptures that say God cares about animals, such as the one quoted above—but to be honest the scriptures simply do not tell us much on the subject.

What is clear is that there is a Heaven. That death is not the end. And as Revelation 21 says, God will make “all things” new. We do not “die and go to heaven–the end” as is commonly said. Christianity is clear: there will be a “resurrection of the body.” Heaven will come down. And all things will be made new.

A Cat or Dog Heaven? No. One Heaven? Yes. Will our pets be there? Honestly, we are not really told one way or the other. Scriptures, not opinions, are authoritative. (Personally I hope the answer is somehow yes.) But questions of Cat Heaven are important: they can help us wonder about Heaven, the Resurrection of the Dead, and how life in this world matters. The Resurrection of the Dead is probably the most important core belief in Christianity that is almost totally ignored.

I hope I will see my deceased dog again at the renewal of all things. I daydream that she will be able to talk. If so, I have a lot of questions for her. …How about you?

* * *

Father, teach us about of the importance of a Bodily Resurrection, and how it encourages us to live fully now in this world. What we do with these bodies and the choices we make with them matters. For You care about this physical world… and even the animals in it. In the Name of the Resurrected Christ. Amen.