Helping Florence Flourish  (formerly the Florence Good City project) is a Christian initiative that is working toward a visible demonstration of unity of the body of Christ to bless Florence!

Below are just a few of the things that Helping Florence Flourish is doing! To get involved or learn more, visit their website here!

  1. HFF has been working toward the formation of Focus Groups that will deliberate over best practices to address these issues: Education, Homelessness, Deterioration of the family and Racial Division in Florence. These are four of the issues, that were identified through the Good City Survey, that are on the hearts of our cities Christian leaders.
  2. Annual ServeFLO Event: This is a two-week time period of serving the community of Florence through service projects, prayer, and unity. For more information, visit
  3. Working with Jon Katov of Open Table to transform poverty through community: Learn more here.
  4. Working with Good Cities to dramatically accelerate collaborative work with faith based and community partnerships to improve the lives of people in neighborhoods. Learn more here.