(June 23, 2020)

Psalm 40:5

“Many, O Lord my God,
are the wonders You have done,
and the plans You have for us—
none can compare to You—
if I proclaim and declare them,
they are more than I can count.”

Years ago a child (not my child) was being tucked into bed by her parents one night. In her bedtime prayer, she prayed, “Dear God, I thank you for Mommy. I thank you for Daddy. I thank you for eyeballs. I thank you for the octopus…”

Our first reaction might be to chuckle. Hopefully, our second thought is to realize that these things – the eyeball and the octopus – are stunningly creative. After a sobering pause, we might even ask to ourselves: Is it amazing that a child thanked God for these things, or is the real wonder that I have not been praising God for them?

At what age do we lose our sense of wonder? There are so many things that we could give thanks for. But we adults tend not to give thanks or appreciate things until they are taken away.

* * *

The Psalmist here tells us that not only has God created many wonders, but also the plans He has for us are stunning. “If I proclaim and declare them they are more than I can count.” Sounds to me like we are hearing the voice of experience here – that is, someone who has experience give thanks.
Practicing a life of thanksgiving is a powerful thing. It will lead us to a place of wonder about the deeds and plans of our God. If you don’t know what to thank God for first today, consider the eyeball and the octopus. It’s a fine place to begin.
* * *
Father, thank you for art, creativity, and the imagination. Thank you for being so Good. May we live today giving thanks. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.