(June 24 ,2020)

One day Jesus was praying in a certain place…”
– see Luke 11:1

Isn’t the above verse interesting?  It feels so intentional.  Jesus was praying in a “certain place.” That is, Jesus was praying very specifically and exactly, uh, “somewhere.”  This sort of verse is not rare.  But why is it so “specifically vague”?

To be sure, place and space matter.  After all, at the core of Christianity is a Cross – that God became Incarnate in Jesus Christ.  That Jesus was born of a virgin, suffered, died under Pontius Pilate, was buried and rose again on the third day.  Space matters because all these things happened; they are real events in human history in this world.

And.  And so on the other hand why the vagueness?  I am tempted to not answer it, but to let you ponder it for yourself. Just consider these thoughts:

  • After the giving of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the Temple in Jerusalem was no longer “the place” of worship.  (We can worship God anywhere.)
  • The Gospel is to spread everywhere.  (See Acts.)
  • That people will come from every tribe, tongue, country and nation under heaven to worship God.  (God is not the God of the Jews only.)

We can praise God anywhere and anytime.  Just as long as it is specifically centered in Jesus. And as long as it makes a difference here and now.  Because specific events with real people in this world is precisely where our faith is lived out.  And that brings us back full circle to 11:1 to the call to pray “in a certain place.”

* * *

Father thank You that even if we are cooped up at home due to covid that we can be the church in precisely the place where we draw breath.